The Power of Pro Bono

This envelope was our first piece of mail. It came from the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project (NWIRP), a local non-profit that provides limited representation and form preparation assistance to immigrants of limited means. North City Law volunteered to take on a case pro bono publico (generally shortened to ‘pro bono’) – to provide free representation for the public good. In this case North City Law is representing a young woman seeking asylum in the United States to escape a dangerous situation in her home country.

The Public Good

North City Law serves the public good whenever we find a civic or humanitarian cause worth pursuing. We believe that through professional service we can strengthen our community, improve as lawyers, and work towards ensuring that everyone, no matter their circumstances, has effective representation before the law.

Individuals facing deportation proceedings, as with anyone confronting the full power and resources of the government, are in critical need of strong legal representation to ensure that their case is handled fairly. Through pro bono service, lawyers work to shore up the weaknesses in our legal system, bringing us closer to realizing the dream of “justice for all.”

Sliding Scale Fees for Clients of Moderate Means

In addition to our commitment to pro bono service in partnership with local non-profits, North City Law also provides legal representation on a sliding scale fee schedule for clients of moderate means. We provide representation at reduced rates for matters concerning Business, Debt Defense, Elder Law, Employment, Trusts and Estates, Housing, and Immigration. Learn more about our income-sensitive rates and the requirements to qualify here.

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