Creating the Transparent Law Practice

We’ve been working hard to bring you a law practice that provides transparent value to you, your dynamic business, and your future. We’ve focused on the growth we plan to see in the coming year with new staff, space, and technology.

First, we hired a law clerk, M. Ian Wyckoff (click here to view his profile). Ian is a great resource for your business and tax questions, as his profile explains. Ian is here part-time, providing support whenever you need his work.

Second, we acquired a new space (click here to see our listing in Google Maps). We’ve shown you how we transformed the space from its initial state to its current, semi-finished state.

Third, we’ve made several investments into new technology. We now have a dedicated fax line, phone service that will scale with our growth, and Wi-Fi for your convenience during your visit. We welcome any visitors who would like to check out our new space.

We hope to bring a new blog post every two weeks to show case our recent work for businesses, trusts and estates, and taxpayers. We welcome any of your questions by phone at (206) 413-7288, or to our office email at office[at]

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