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North City Law is committed to transforming individuals into entrepreneurs and providing legal counsel to dynamic companies.

Our Approach

We are a law firm that provides transparent value to you, your dynamic business, and your future. Founded by legal professionals steeped in corporate and tax law, we provide representation in matters related to your business, trust or estate, and tax position. At North City Law, we are here to help you manage your present and future.

We follow a transparent fee schedule where you can clearly see our value proposition at work. We also take a holistic approach, considering our clients as persons trying to do the right thing for business and family. We are committed to using technology to make it easy to stay in touch with us and keep our prices low.

Our Team

Paul A. Barrera


M. Ian Wyckoff

Law Clerk

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Our fee schedule is transparent - you can see what we charge and see where we provide value to you, your business, and your family.